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Age 24
Staff Sergeant – United States Army-Air Force Bomber
March 1, 1921 - May 17, 1945

Staff Sergeant Hardesty was an engineer on an Army Air Force bomber and died in Newfoundland on May 17 in an airplane crash. All crew members died instantly except SSgt Hardesty, who died two days later. He and his brother, Sgt Stanley Hardesty, entered service together in October, 1941 and remained together until September, 1944. They took basic training at Keesler, then went to Boston, Mass, Napier Field, GA, a school at Miami, Fl, back to Napier and finally Columbus, Ohio.

SSgt Hardesty was transferred in September to Egan Field, GA but his brother remained at Columbus until he was sent to Keesler a week before his brother was killed. A third brother, Sgt Robert Hardesty, who entered the Air Force in March, 1942 was stationed at Chanute Field.

PARENTS: Mrs. J. R. Hardesty, 620 10th Street, Wood River. His father was a civil service
employee at Pearl Harbor.
SPOUSE: Mabel Evans Hardesty

Sgt Hardesty was born in Eldorado and moved to Wood River in 1936. He was inducted into the service a few months after graduating from EAWRCHS.

In addition to his brothers, he had four sisters living in Wood River: Mary Ellen Johnson, Freida, Frances & Nadine Hardesty.