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Special Approval - Overview

For some applicants, the requirements for an annexation, rezoning or variance can seem to be an overwhelming process. Unfortunately, many of these requirements are typical for any community with most of the guidelines outlined by the Illinois State Statutes. Whether it is the application forms, the deadlines or the public meetings, City staff is available to provide information, discuss options and guide the applicant through the entire process.

However, the City gives the applicant an advantage with a streamlined approach to final approvals. This short approval process can save an applicant time and money when trying to complete development or expansion plans. For those issues being heard before the Zoning Board of Appeals, the applicant will generally only have to attend one meeting before a final decision is made. For other issues, the Planning Commission provides a recommendation to the City Council before generally a final decision is made.

For more information regarding the approval process, please contact the Building and Zoning Department at (618) 251-3100.



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