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Special Approval - Land Subdivision Control Regulations

Governing Code: Zoning Ordinance Article 9

Because of the long-term impact of developments, our top priority is to ensure subdivisions are developed according to good subdivision design practices. By setting standards for the subdivision of land, the City intends to provide for efficient service delivery, safe convenient access, and a desirable and attractive living environment.

Anyone wishing to subdivide their property into two (2) or more parts with the intent of transferring ownership or development, must first meet the community requirements set forth in the subdivision controls. Prior to community review, the subdivision development will be reviewed by the City staff such as police, fire and public services. Applications will be forwarded to the Planning Commission for review and recommendation before being submitted to the City Council for final action. Preliminary plats approved by the Council are legally binding for up to one (1) year. Five sets of plans, one of which should be a reproducible plan no larger than 11x17, should be submitted for review.

Review Process Preliminary Plat: Staff Review → PC → City Council Action

Review Process Final Plat: Staff Review → PC → City Council Action

Assuming deadline compliance, estimated length of process: 60 days




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