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Permits and Inspections - Demolition Permit


Any tearing down or removal of an accessory or principal structure.



  • All sewer, water and gas lines shall be capped and secured to prevent leaks and/or infiltration as directed by the City.

  • All foundations and footings must be removed to a minimum of two (2) feet below finish grade.

  • Only non-organic material shall be used as fill. Care shall be taken to prevent the occurrence of voids in fill or undue settlement.

  • The finished grade shall have 6" of top soil and be sodded or sowed with grass seed and straw.

  • Burning any material or debris is strictly prohibited within City limits.

  • All asbestos, lead, and other toxic or hazardous materials shall be removed and disposed of in compliance with all State and Federal regulations.


Applicants will need to submit a "Demolition Permit Application" and a site plan showing the location of the improvements being demolished.



The Building & Zoning Department will review the application and issue a permit within three (3) days of review.



The Building & Zoning Department will conduct or coordinate the required on-site inspections to ensure compliance. City notification of inspection shall be during regular business hours at least 24 hours in advance. Required inspections can be arranged by calling (618) 251-3100 Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm. No inspections will be done on holidays or weekends. These inspections are part of the permit fee and are no additional charge. The City reserves the right to inspect any development at anytime to ensure compliance with all development codes and procedures. During all inspections, the City will only document compliance, and will make no determination on quality of workmanship.


Letter of Completion

This permit will not receive any final certificate from the City.




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